Leave the dirty work to the team at Grayson Sewer and Drain Services! We are proud to offer state-of-the-art sewer inspections, repairs, maintenance, and installation services. If your sewer is taking longer than usual to drain or is making gurgling sounds, you will want to get one of our licensed technicians to you as soon as possible. We ensure long-lasting and sustainable solutions that will save you time and money in the long run. With decades of experience in the trade, our team will get to the root of your sewer issues in no time. We have guaranteed solutions for all of your sewer needs — anything from wear and tear on older pipes to tree root invasion damage. Schedule your appointment or give us a call today! 

Sewer Services Chicago


Every plumbing professional on the Grayson Sewer and Drain team is certified to guarantee the best service and solution possible.


Sometimes at-home drain cleaning remedies just won’t cut it. Give the team at Grayson Sewer and Drain Services a call if your drain is persistently clogged, your toilet is bubbling, have pooling water, or if you notice a foul odor. Our professionals specialize in drain cleaning of all kinds and have hands-on experience working with drain snakes and hydro jetting. We perform a detailed inspection of your drain using a high-resolution video camera to pinpoint the exact location of your blockage. We will resolve your drain issues in no time! Give us a call now for reliable and affordable drain services in and around Chicago, IL.